Our manufacturing facilities include:


Machine park


Final ironing line


Cleaning and dying


Clothing decoration

Machine park of the following manufacturers: Juki, Dürkopp, Complet, Brother, Yamato AMF, including: machines for pocket welting, machines for fixing belt-loops, strapping machines, machines for the imitation of manual running stitch and chain stitch. Autolap machines for sewing recreational garments, interlock machines with the option of 2-, 3-, and 4-needle sewing, machines for zigzag stitches and double zigzag stitches, as well as machines for 2-needle flat and chain lockstitches, and pneumatic equipment for fastening rivets, buttons and other decorations;
Final ironing line by such manufacturers as: Brisay, Veit, Malavasi, including: crease pressing machines, toppers, tables of various sizes, equipment for ironing stitches, pressing machine to iron trouser belts, pressing machines to fasten decorations such as Swarovski crystals;
Specialized cleaning and dying using such methods as: stone wash, damage, resin, 3D, coloration, mustache, scraping, eco blasting, spraying;
Clothing decoration using such techniques as manual and machine embroideries, manually stitching of Swarovski crystals, prints and fastening of decorative strips, e.g. Framis.